Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom, what a night

So, this year's theme was Moulin Rouge. Pretty exciting stuff there I guess.

I went with the oh-so-lovely Kat-chan. I worked hard to match her elegant light green.

She looked absolutely stunning ☆。☆ Got her hair done, also had a whole tube of glitter and sparkles dumped on her. She was like a cuter version of Tinkerbell :) That's what everyone was saying. That's my fairy girlfriend ;3

I got to her house at about 5 or 5:30. Took some pictures and then left for dinner.

We had dinner at the South Park Bar & Grill. Ordered some Ahi Poke as an appetizer, it was really good. I has a grilled salmon as the main course, Kat-chan had a sirloin steak. Dessert was a warm deep dish cookie topped with ice cream. Delicious. We also made it for Happy Hour :D

We didn't look too strange, all dressed up. There was probably one other couple there. Kind of surprising really. According to Kat it's supposed to be really busy there. The couple identified us as prom goers, that was kinda neat.

It was straight to prom after that. Prom was hosted at Hyatt Mission Bay Hotel. Nice and fancy. The food looked okay, I didn't have much though.

Everyone looked so nice ☆。☆ I'm glad I at least got the chance to say hi to everyone.

I mostly hung out with Kat through the whole night. We talked, with eachother, and with other people. That's what you do at these social events, I don't really go for the dance.

The selection of music was crappy. It was all rap and hip-hop. There was one instance of a hip-hop remix of Never Gonna Give You Up (that's right, Rick Astley's song). We didn't dance to that either.

I got Kat to dance to the last song of the night. It wasn't the slow dance I wanted, but whatever.

We left promptly after. I (my dad) drove her home. I said good night to her there and parted with her.

That was my night. It wasn't the most exciting, but if I could do it all over again, I probably would.

Time to go back to sleep, I got home at like 2 after all.

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