Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm having a great xmas! I got Tales of Symphonia 2 from my parents, and an iPod Shuffle from my lovely girlfriend X3

My siblings got Fable 2 and an Xbox 360 controller. The day isn't quite over yet.

I've mostly been playing games all day, and enjoying some great meals. I hope everyone else is having a great season too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Japan and their innovations

Just a quick post about Japan. Check it out, it's some pretty innovative stuff here.

A happy holidays from Broccoli

I got a package today, it was sent to "Jon Fawkes". Yeah, it may not be my real name, but that's how it was addressed. That could be disregarded though.

About a week ago, maybe less, I got an email from a PR representative from Broccoli, asking if I wanted a "Leave it to Piyoko" dust jacket, and some stickers. I said sure, why not.

Here it is. My copy of Leave it to Piyoko with the dust jacket on it. Pretty nice, now it won't get covered in dust (though it was already quite shelfworn).

The package came with a note that said something along the lines of "Here is your LitP dust jacket and E'S stickers, as well as some Di Gi Charat merchandise"

I thought it was a big box for just a dust jacket.

So here is a picture of everything I got in the box (plus my advance reader's copy of E'S volume 1 for the hell of it).

A ceramic Puchiko coin bank (very nice), a Piyoko figurine, the E'S stickers (a crap load of them, as promised), some Di Gi Charat stickers, postcards, clear files (small and large), collectable cards, keychains (one piyoko and a few Aquarian Age), a pen, another keychain (bendy plastic Di Gi Charat one), some metal buttons, a wristband, and "seal collection book" (which I assume is a sticker book), some more stickers, and what appears to be a wallet or something (haven't quite figured it out yet). Holy crap, thanks Broccoli!

I'm no collector, so I opened up a lot of the merchandise. Here's a picture of me with the headband on, fumbling around with the wallet thingy. I don't look too far off from how I draw myself.

So, that was quite a surprise from Broccoli, they're certainly made my holiday. Broccoli has always been my favorite publisher, still are :)

Once again, thanks Broccoli. And to everyone else, I hope your holidays are as great as mine :D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Battlers!

It appears to be a Little Busters! doujin fighting game. It looks really run. The art looks loyal to the original game, the gameplay looks fast, and there appears to be a large variety of characters and settings.

It says "Little Battlers! 2" in the video, so maybe there's a first one.

I have no idea where to but this game.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, I went to see Bolt yesterday, on a date with the lovely Kat-chan X3

It was a cute movie full of action. There were parts that were funny too, though none come to mind.

Saw that Cars short too. It was funny.

We saw it at AMC theaters, so we got to wander around the mall before and after the movie too. Godiva chocolate is so good X3

Just a quick summary. I hope more dates like that can be planned :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

'팡야 포터블' 한정판, 발매일 공개 루리웹 비디오 게임 뉴스

<b>'팡야 포터블' 한정판, 발매일 공개</b> 루리웹 비디오 게임 뉴스

It appears that Pangya PSP has been officially released (or at least, a released date has been set, I can't tell, I can't read Korean).

The basic edition is exactly what it sounds like. It's the game, and it appears to come with a card of some kind, maybe a collectible.

What I'm more excited about is the Limited Edition and the Limited Edition Pack. The LE is basically the game but with a different cover, one featuring Arin in one of her new costumes laying down nicely sprawled out.

The pack comes with the aforementioned game with special cover and *drum roll please*

A figurine measuring 16.5 cm. It's Kooh in one of her new costumes standing on what looks like a part of the Lunar Tomb holding up Dolfini. It's a very cute figure.

The pack also includes a Papel pouch for your PSP. Also very cute, I would love to have one of those to carry my PSP around in.

The OST also comes with this. I imagine it comes with all of the background music as well as the new ones (Starlight and Fly Away, as well as a few others that haven't been featured in the trailers I imagine).

All of that comes in a really nice box. Really nice.

That link has all of the pictures. I can't find a price, but I probably couldn't afford to buy it anyway (and then importing). I'm extreme tempted though since the PSP is region free. That LE pack would be the greatest thing to have ever.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Google flight simulator

Flight Simulator Keyboard Controls - Google Earth User Guide

Found this fun little easter egg in Google Earth. Press ctrl+alt+a or apple+alt+a to enable the flight simulator. After that, it will be available as a menu option.

It's really just a fun way to explore the world. It's google earth with a little HUD graphic overlay and some movement restrictions, but it's quite entertaining.

Google earth is free, and it only works on the client version (not the online version). The link above is to the controls to the flight simulator.

I kinda wish the crashing was more spectacular, but you can't have everything.