Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A happy holidays from Broccoli

I got a package today, it was sent to "Jon Fawkes". Yeah, it may not be my real name, but that's how it was addressed. That could be disregarded though.

About a week ago, maybe less, I got an email from a PR representative from Broccoli, asking if I wanted a "Leave it to Piyoko" dust jacket, and some stickers. I said sure, why not.

Here it is. My copy of Leave it to Piyoko with the dust jacket on it. Pretty nice, now it won't get covered in dust (though it was already quite shelfworn).

The package came with a note that said something along the lines of "Here is your LitP dust jacket and E'S stickers, as well as some Di Gi Charat merchandise"

I thought it was a big box for just a dust jacket.

So here is a picture of everything I got in the box (plus my advance reader's copy of E'S volume 1 for the hell of it).

A ceramic Puchiko coin bank (very nice), a Piyoko figurine, the E'S stickers (a crap load of them, as promised), some Di Gi Charat stickers, postcards, clear files (small and large), collectable cards, keychains (one piyoko and a few Aquarian Age), a pen, another keychain (bendy plastic Di Gi Charat one), some metal buttons, a wristband, and "seal collection book" (which I assume is a sticker book), some more stickers, and what appears to be a wallet or something (haven't quite figured it out yet). Holy crap, thanks Broccoli!

I'm no collector, so I opened up a lot of the merchandise. Here's a picture of me with the headband on, fumbling around with the wallet thingy. I don't look too far off from how I draw myself.

So, that was quite a surprise from Broccoli, they're certainly made my holiday. Broccoli has always been my favorite publisher, still are :)

Once again, thanks Broccoli. And to everyone else, I hope your holidays are as great as mine :D

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  1. Umm you know they are firing all staff and leaving the market right? aint a happy holiday at Broccoli