Friday, December 5, 2008

'팡야 포터블' 한정판, 발매일 공개 루리웹 비디오 게임 뉴스

<b>'팡야 포터블' 한정판, 발매일 공개</b> 루리웹 비디오 게임 뉴스

It appears that Pangya PSP has been officially released (or at least, a released date has been set, I can't tell, I can't read Korean).

The basic edition is exactly what it sounds like. It's the game, and it appears to come with a card of some kind, maybe a collectible.

What I'm more excited about is the Limited Edition and the Limited Edition Pack. The LE is basically the game but with a different cover, one featuring Arin in one of her new costumes laying down nicely sprawled out.

The pack comes with the aforementioned game with special cover and *drum roll please*

A figurine measuring 16.5 cm. It's Kooh in one of her new costumes standing on what looks like a part of the Lunar Tomb holding up Dolfini. It's a very cute figure.

The pack also includes a Papel pouch for your PSP. Also very cute, I would love to have one of those to carry my PSP around in.

The OST also comes with this. I imagine it comes with all of the background music as well as the new ones (Starlight and Fly Away, as well as a few others that haven't been featured in the trailers I imagine).

All of that comes in a really nice box. Really nice.

That link has all of the pictures. I can't find a price, but I probably couldn't afford to buy it anyway (and then importing). I'm extreme tempted though since the PSP is region free. That LE pack would be the greatest thing to have ever.

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