Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Red Bull?!?!

So, we were walking back from dinner when we were stopped. It was two girls, pretty young looking, probably our age, driving around in a buggie with a huge red bull can on top. They asked if we wanted red bull. I was a little skeptical, wondering what the catch was, but there was none, they just handed us the cans and went off to the next group. Maybe they were advertising or something. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool.

Right as we were leaving, the car that was waiting to pass started to follow the red bull car. The driver was shouting "Hey! Red Bull! Wait! Stop!" chasing the car down. It was pretty funny, I guess you had to be there. Too bad I didn't have my camera.

I wonder why we were stopped. Maybe it was because I was wearing my cloak. The groups behind and ahead of us didn't seem to have any red bull. Interesting thing to speculate about. My cloak has gained me a bit of attention around campus, I'm surprised my teachers haven't commented yet. Whatever.

So, that was my 'interesting story of the night'. Now I have to think of an interesting story for English class tomorrow.

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  1. A cloak around campus... really? Your becoming more like HER everyday.