Monday, December 7, 2009

First day of finals week, I'm already dead [tired]

I think my story actually stats last night. I stayed up until almost 4:00 AM trying to finish my final English paper, as that was part of the requirement for the in-class final.

So eventually, I finished and went to sleep, being sure I set my alarm early enough. Unfortunately, I was so tired that I slept through the alarm. I woke up at 7:57 AM. A mere 4 hours of sleep. Oh, and my final was at 8:00 AM in a building I didn't have time to find beforehand.

It's a beautiful December, the sky is full of gray melancholic clouds. It's pouring freezing rain outside, and I was in such a rush that I had nothing put a pair of pants and a t-shirt on. I picked up the papers I had prepared for the final and ran like I was in the Olympics.

No breakfast, minimal clothes that were accepted by society, barely any sleep, and the pressure of an English final.

I arrived barely in time, so I didn't disrupt too much. I got in there and tried to write my paper. Being dead tired, I strung together only whatever thoughts came to mind and got out of there as fast as I could. I took maybe an hour and a half out of the three hours we were allotted and just booked it.

At least I know I won't have to deal with that again for a little while.

I came back to the entrance of my building to realize that earlier, I was in such a rush that I had forgotten my cell phone and my room key. I couldn't call my roommate and ask him to open the door for me, nor could I open the door myself.

I sat there in a beautiful rain for a good amount of time, just looking up at the sky and watching the water fall.

Eventually, I was let in by a fellow building resident. Now I'm here posting this entry.

This was only the first day of finals week, but I'm hoping I can prepare myself better after this. I'm so crashing. I acknowledge that most of this is probably my own fault, but that doesn't stop me from complaining :>

You know, ironically, my final paper and exam were on the topic of suicide. Just thought I'd point that out.

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  1. Theres always someone who does this and yes its 100% your own fault. Especially the staying up late part. Seriously.... you can't do much worse but the story is amusing. :D

    Just curious... how cold is it in whereever the hell UCR is? I hear its been storming horribily in San Diego.

    My finals are next week, though I had a oral final today. And the JLPT yesterday. In a different state. I took two tests atleast 500 miles away from each other in the same 24 hour period and still managed more sleep than thee.