Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable

The trailer is old news, but I haven't blogged for a while so here's something.

A Pangya spinoff for the PSP, Fantasy Golf Portable features everything you love about Pangya and more. As you can see from the trailer, they've got new costumes and vastly improved graphics. While a lot of the clips from that trailer and pre-rendered animated sequences, I doubt the gameplay differs too much from what you would expect from Pangya.

A little more snooping reveals possible new characters too!

Straying from the original cast of 8 characters (it doesn't look like Lucia is in this game unfortunately), there appears to be a much larger cast (I count 18 spots for characters on the roster). This should definitely add a little more variety to the game. I wonder if they'll be adding new caddies too... The trailer also shows what appears to be a lot of the courses from the original game. Most of it looks like it's just rendered in the new style, but you never know, it was only a 15 second trailer.

I haven't seen any older costumes in the trailer. All of the art for this game shows the characters, but in new costumes. I suspect everything was redone about the game (visually), which means new costumes, settings, and rendering engine. The actual models for the characters don't appear to differ too much from the original game, but that's okay.

I bet the music will be similar, but with a few new tracks (IE the music featured in the trailer). ESTi (AKA Jinbae Park) is an awesome musician. He did a lot of the music for Pangya as well as other games like Ragnarok Online (SoundTeMP) and La Tale.

A lot of the art for the game can be found at the lead artist's website (Park Jeong Hoon AKA SeeDark). ESTi's site is also interesting, though it doesn't feature anything about the game. His blog has a little more about it, though it's in Korean.

Also, this site has some pretty pictures. I don't know how much info it provides about the game though.

I wonder if the PSP can play import games...?

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