Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, my computer has a virus, so I'm posting from my laptop. This really sucks.

I'm pretty sure this happened when I was at school, trying to do some work. I plugged my flash drive into one of my peer's computers, and I noticed it was acting weird. I checked it out later and realized there was a virus that infected the flash drive, and that virus infected my desktop.

I really should be more conscious about stuff like this.

The virus seems to copy itself into every root drive and and replicates itself if it's deleted. The main way to spread is by flash drive. It also seems to block certain things from showing while using the internet. I tried to look for a way to get rid of it and it blocked a bunch of the sites. Tried the same sites on this laptop, they worked. It also blocked my antivirus from updating, and stopped any new antivirus from being installed.

Keep a lookout for it, be careful where you plug your flash drive. You'll know it when you find an "autorun.inf" file and "RECYCLER" folder on your flash drive and root folders that you can't delete. When you do delete it, and then refresh, it comes back.

On another note, it seems I've caught a virus myself. I've been feeling sick, but trying to get over it. Hopefully I'll be better by the weekend, not worst.

Uhg...doing homework will be difficult.


  1. RECYCLER is a perfectly safe and normal folder. Like .trashes from a mac.

    autorun.inf is a normal windows file too. Both of these are normally hidden folders but if a lot of power users show these.

    When you can't delete things... you have a big problem though.

    Awww Jons sick :-'(

  2. Baaw, the virus is evil. I wonder how that even got on your computer....

    Hope you feel better soon! :D

    (And yes, I got one of these confounded things now)