Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Oh man, haven't posted anything in a while.

It's election day, but I'm not old enough to vote yet, so I don't really pay too much attention to it (though I'm told I really should).

Just wanted to post this funny little video here. Someone had too much time on their hands to do editing like that.

Supposedly this was real and that clip was captured from a live broadcast. I have no way to prove or disprove this. If it was real, I suspect it would have been on the news, and I haven't found any news clips about it. Nonetheless it's pretty funny.


  1. Congratulations to Barack Obama, future PRESIDENT of the United States of America!

    And I really think this is fake but its funny as hell XD

  2. Also the Youtube page you linked to very clearly says the guy made it....


  3. Dude. This was the "greenscreen challenge"! obviously, it's fake, since at the end it says "by" XD

    Still funny as hell. Looks pretty real--they even got the reflection on the floor thing!