Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

First of all, major kudos to Mom. She managed a miraculous save and fixed the main part of my costume just now. I know, it's a little late, and Halloween's almost over, but I'm super happy about it nonetheless.

If you can't tell, I'm wearing Kaz's Cardinal Regalia costume (Pangya). 2 weeks of work, a little stress, and wazam!

Yeah, it's not 100% accurate, and the pants aren't even correct, but the main idea is portrayed I think. There was no way in hell I was gonna get it to be super accurate in only 2 weeks. Something like that would have taken a while summer or more.

Fabrics weren't expensive. They're super thin and were like a dollar a yard. It was about $15 for all of the cloth, a little more for the belt parts, pants and shoes I previously owned. Just goes to show you cosplay isn't necessarily expensive if you're going simply for the appearance. It takes a hell of a lot of time though, keep that in mind.

I dunno what else to say about it except Happy Halloween everyone!

Once again, major thanks to mom, she helped in a lot of this.

EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks to my sister for the pictures


  1. Wow... nice outfit.
    Wish I could pull something off like this.

  2. XD don't I get credit for the pictures?!

    <3 handsome bishonen. you look better than the real kaz, if ya fix the hair

  3. wtf is jaelin??

    Ignore Jon, fabric choice is very important to cosplay....stop teaching them evil!