Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interesting looking...thing

Found an interesting picture on an image board. The artist appears to be the same one from Little Busters!

After a little more research, it appears that this isn't a Key production.

The studio appears to be mana. The series is called School Heart's. You probably figured that out from the picture though.

Whatever it is, it looks very cute, but I can't give much more info since I can't read [japanese]. Each character appears to be drawn by a different artist.

There appears to be voice samples on the site. I listened to a few of them, and they don't sound bad.

The site is giving me the impression that this is some kind of music CD or drama, but that may just be the theme of the presentation. It may very well be a game, but I can't verify that.

You can click the image on the side for a higher quality version.


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  2. Its a drama CD series. I repeat. This is NOT a game.

    The art for second CD is by Hinoe Itaru, who is Key's main artist. Little Busters! had two main artists by the way.

    God i hate image boards for no good reason.

    EDIT: As I suspected but was too brain dead to notice immediately, mana is part of Visual Arts (parent company of Key) so thats why you see Itaru's work.

    H samples are ninja sex