Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I got an awesome Hatsune Miku CD today.

The producer is livetune. The whole CD is sung by Miku. Pretty impressive, I think this is the first commercial release album to feature Miku.

All of the songs are awesome. They've got a nice rhythm and tune, and it's a definite for people who like the electronica or j-pop genres. All songs are full length (it looks like an average of about 5 minutes per track) and are professionally produced for maximum awesome-ness

It came in a really nice box. It's all hologram-y and shiny. It appears to be a first press or limited edition or something, which is super nice. I tried not to ruin the box when I opened it, but the CD just wouldn't come out easily. I managed to get it out without any damage though.

You can probably see that I'm a major Miku fan. Check this CD out some time.

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