Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going for the Maximum Ride

I just finished the first Maximum Ride book (and about freaking time too). Amazing story, I must say. Very exciting and hard to put down once I started.

I borrowed this book from a friend last year. I guess it's about time I returned it. But that's something else.

Maximum Ride is a science fiction about some kids that went through a genetic experiments. Through this, they've gained wings, as well as various other abilities.

Yeah, I thought it was the most awesome thing ever too.

The book is a nice easy read, very not-boring. It is well paced and exciting. The plot is original and new, the characters are developed well, and the overall feel is something that can only be described as amazing.

Of course, considering the amount of books I've read, I'm probably not one to review, but I definitely recommend checking this out at the library or something when you can.

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