Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arg! Costuming will be impossible

My parents are absolutely impossible. Their unique philosophy and ways are completely unorthadox.

They believe that costuming is "make it yourself" "it doesn't have to look exact" blah blah blah

And I can't seem to get the point across, that if I want it to look like a certain character, the more accurate it looks, the more impressive the costume is.

But no, they're hella lazy. Because of that, I doubt I'll be able to finish my costume period, since I can't go out and get the materials that I need.

Is costume making really that hard to understand? Or are my parents just so thick headed they could headbutt the earth and the earth would break first?

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  1. Both!

    You can make changes to costumes, changes that are not visible. For example, my current project (Kanon school uniform) is a button up dress. I opted for a mostly sewn with a hidden zipper (under the flap). I will still add buttons to make it look like it is buttoned up. These sorts of things make costumes easier. However, changing visible things is different. Skipping trim for example will always make your costume look like a Taiwan knock off. Material choice is the biggest problem for newbie cosplayers. So yes, costume making is hella hard to do but easy in concept: clothes like the picture.

    Your parents aren't thick headed; they're bull headed. Your mom isn't willing to invest the amount of time, money, and energy needed to make a good costume. Your dad is whipped. But you knew anything with them is a uphill battle.

    And now that I've scared you from the word cosplay, this is the correct context, where you can put costume-making or costuming you can put cosplay :D.