Thursday, October 23, 2008

Explanation to Pangya

Alright, I've been meaning to explain it for a while now for those who don't know. I've talked about bits and pieces of it throughout the little posts with the Pangya label, but here goes an attempt at a full explanation.

Pangya is the online casual golf game. Its got origins in Korea. It's also popular in Japan. Here in America, it's called Albatross18.

It's online golf. While it may not sound that appealing (and honestly, it wasn't that appealing to me at first neither), it is surprisingly addicting. The colorful backdrops and characters, the simple yet sophisticated gameplay, and the overall feel while playing really makes it fun.

The settings. You can play on a battle ship, an icy canyon, a beach, a volcano, a windmill area; basically a lot of places you wouldn't normally play golf. This means the settings are extremely colorful and diverse. It's hard to get bored of the settings in my opinion.

There are the characters too. The characters are also extremely diverse: you've got your generic boy, generic girl, middle aged fat guy, handsome male, beautiful woman, cute (dare I use the term 'moe'?) magical girl, cool dark guy, and the loli (yep). Each character has a large number of costume to choose from, and being an online game, it's constantly updated.

There are lots of elements added to the game that you don't find in normal golf. The element I'm talking about is the ability to do trick shots. These shots change the trajectory of the ball, the landing area, basically, things you can't do in real golf. Trick shots also include "tomahawk" and "spike", which make the ball explode on impact when executed correctly.

I won't bother too much with explaining how the game is played. Basically, hit the spacebar one to start adjusting power, hit it again once it gets to the desired power, time the last hit to decide whether you hook or slice.

I've been caught in the marketing too. As with any free to play online game, you have to pay real money for some of the stuff. Oh, if I could spend more, I would. That's how into it I am.

A little more opinion here: what makes a good online game is the community, and so far, the community is better than any other I've played with.

I'll post a video of some of my (newbish) playing so you can get a sample of pangya. Maybe you can join me :) I'm always looking for people to play with. Sadly, I've gotten one friend to join, and he doesn't play too often.


  1. THE online golf game?

    Noone plays with you because you a) don't tell them about it and b) don't talk to them anymore cause your addicted to it.

    Anyhow, the controls sound like Microsoft Golf for win95. Some of my earliest memories are of that game. Literally. I had to be like 5...

    My favorite Win95 game was Microsoft Bob... which turns out to not be a game at all. The joys of childhood. Golf comes in 2nd though. Tetris confused me because every time I made a pretty tower the game ended >:( (wasn't that the goal? XD)

  2. Oh it wasn't Microsoft Golf.. it was some other game about golf by Microsoft but with crappier graphics... *shrug*

    Wii Sports is as close to real golf as I ever get.

  3. Fuji Golf was the game. A landmark in golf games...

    I'm inflating your comment count. Sorry.