Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ファンタジーアース ゼロ

ファンタジーアース ゼロ

Holy crap this game looks amazing. It's an MMO by Square Enix. It has to be good. From the trailer, it looks pretty. Looking at actual gameplay video: wow!

The graphics look stunning. They don't have to be all realistic to be good you know. The movement looks smooth, gameplay looks nice.

Battle system really gets me. It doesn't look like your normal "click on the enemy to kill them" kind of. It looks like they've got jumping and dodging and reflecting and needing to aim with the bow... Very exciting.

Only in Japanese though. If they released it here in America, I would totaly play it. Square Enix has got my money for sure. Makes me want to play their other MMO, Concerto Gate.

Trailer and Gameplay

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