Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pangya Japan's April fool's joke

『週刊 AfterBurner』 パニャゴスティーニ

I can't understand it, but I'll talk about what I can understand.

It looks like they're promoting the Afterburners Blue (I can't remember the actual name of the clubset) set. I don't know why they chose the afterburners, the Mythril Swords would have made a lot better promo.

The second and third link from the left on the navigation bar appears to be ways to customize your afterburners. You can choose the handle and the wings. There are some "coming soon" placeholders, but I doubt those will be filled in.

Also, the fourth link from the left on the top navigation bar leads to a page about a set of "P5P" games, The PangyaM@stery. The logo is a parody of the IDOLM@STER logo, I wonder if the "game" is the game. Clicking on the images leads to a description about the game, but I can't read it (can't google-translate it either). The game covers look interesting though.

Can't figure out what the far right link is. I can read the required spaces (which appear to be the requirements to run the game). I think it's more promotion. The link below leads to a page that advertises Pangya. A similar diagram appears there, pointing out the key features of Pangya.

Number 1 is the friendly interface. Number 2 is the various settings and courses. Number 3 is the large number of items to customize characters (the 1000 I assume is the number of options). The Afterburners page uses similar writing, so I assume that it's probably the same.

So there's my cover of Pangya JP's april fools event (it's April 1st in Japan right now BTW). Maybe someone who actually speaks Japanese could give better explanations.

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