Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodbye Albatross18

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Albatross18 Announcement

How lame, it looks like the rumors about A18 closing down are true. It looks like OGPlanet just didn't want to renew the license, so now there is no more PangyaUSA.

The only ones left are PangyaJP (where foreign IPs are banned), PangyaKR (I wish I could speak korean T.T), and PangyaGAO (french, english? Some kinda british, like FantaTennis). PangyaBR, PangyaPhilippenes, and some other servers I can't remember closed down. Maybe they couldn't pay for the license either.

And I was doing so well. I'll just have to move to another server I guess and start from scratch. I'll have no chance of getting premium items though. I was so close to Amateur E so that I could get Angel Wings.

I had my fun times on Albatross18, I made some good friends. I'll never forget Watchy, for he inspired me to keep on playing by giving me a nice boost when I first started. Also a shoutout to my guild, Angelic Pangya, because the one guild match I played was fun. Also to everyone else on my buddy list, thanks for helping me in the PSquare, playing some amazing games with me, teaching me the tricks to getting better, and overall making it a great game even though it was overrun by hackers and unfair economy.

What's really shameful is that OGPlanet doesn't seem to care about Alabtross18. They blatantly advertise their other games and are trying to get players to move there by hosting an event where you'll get nice items for making a new character on their other games. You know what? I don't care about the other games, I want to play Pangya.

Here's hoping that NtreevUSA or someone makes some efforts to try to preserve all of the account data and reopen the server eventually.

But until then, goodbye Albatross18.


  1. I don't play it but it seems like a darn shame.

    JP servers need to stop being so damn xenophobic.

    We should go actually golf sometime XP

  2. Its better to make a new post than to update cause it screws up RSS.

    I think the company is being nice to offer you stuff for other games. Would you rather they just bitch and moan?