Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rei Izumi x Mabinogi

無料オンラインゲーム マビノギ - Fantasy LIFE!

Just browsing around, I found a bunch of cute wallpapers. They're of Mabinogi characters drawn by Rei Izumi! How awesome is that?

It seems I can't direct link to the download page, so I'll provide instructions.

1. Roll over the tab that says ライブラリ
2. Move down and click on 壁紙
3. Scroll down to the 第1回 : 依澄れい section. It's hard to miss.
Select your resolution and download! There are a bunch of other nice wallpapers there too.

I've only played Mabinogi a little, and it's okay, but it's mostly the art that gets me. :)

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