Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Windows sucks D:

UNITY: Game Development Tool

It's an awesome looking application for game development. It appears to be a click and drag design with powerful integrated editors and the ability to import files from Blender and Photoshop (and many other programs).

Unfortunately, it's a mac only program. Yeah. It sucks. I wish I had a mac. Maybe a modbook pro or something.

It looks like quite the development tool, everything from maps to models to sounds to script. It would be awesome to use, if only I had a mac! D:<

So, unfortunately, I can' try it and review it. So sad.

The 2.5 version of the program is supposed to have windows support. I don't know what "coming soon" means. Hopefully they actually mean soon and not Valve's "soon".

Also, I tried searching. I can unpack the dmg file, but I can't run it.

It's really too bad. You can run windows on a Mac machine, but you can run OSX on a [normally] windows machine. That's why windows sucks.

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  1. Huh?

    You can run Windows on an Intel chip like those Apple uses now. It has nothing to do with the OS.

    You can run OS X only on certain hardware because Apple chose to pursue tight hardware/software integration such that Apple machines are 18% faster than hackintoshes of comparable specs. (Viva la hackintosh!)

    Macs rock so of course the best software is for them ;). And why would some build a windows dmg decomplier? Seems of limited use and I'm impressed you found one.