Sunday, April 19, 2009

End of spring break...

It's the end of spring break, and I did nothing productive!

Lets see, a quick reflection on what I did do:

-Went shopping for Kat-chan
-Went to see Kat-chan
-drew some stuff
-some other MMOs
-other non-productive stuff

So, that's my spring break. No wild parties, unless you count Kat-chan's birthday celebration as wild (oh, an hour of DDR, how wild).

It's too bad Pangya had to come back so late too. But it'll be there.

Maybe I shoulda made some plans. But that would have required planning to make a plan. Then I would have had to plan to make a plan to...

The end of spring break deserves the "sad" tag, because it is. Hopefully the rest of the year won't be too hard.

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