Friday, April 10, 2009

The world is about to end...I got my hair cut

So yeah, I got my hair cut. To many people, "it's about freaking time", and to others, "Oh my f........."

Yeah, I finally caved in and did it. Whatever. Hair grows. It's now short as hell.

Speaking of hell, some demons came to me and were absolutely mortified. I have been forced to swear that I shall never cut my hair for another...what did that demon say? 725 thousand years.

I won't draw myself with short hair, I shall have looooooooong hair. Maybe if I get a photo up or something, then you too can be mortified :D

To all those who wanted this: Enjoy!


  1. Commiserate with me on Gtalk! I wanna photo!

    And why super short? I thought you were gonna get shoulder length.

  2. SO CUTE !!! Its way shorter than you said you would cut it. :D