Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tales of Vesperia coming to PS3

It's not a sequel, but a port.

It's not quite a port either though. ToV for the PS3 includes what appears to be a new character (Patty Fleur), new dungeon(s?), new monsters/bosses, and an addition to the battle system (see trailer). The stuff in the red box on the bottom left I shall elaborate on later.

Other uncited rumors include Flynn being a greater part of the story rather than joining you for one battle.

The new character isn't quite my type, but battling with her looks like it's going to be awesome. Who wouldn't want to play as a gun-toting loli pirate? Plenty of people, but whatever, it's all good.

I can't wait 'til this comes out in America. At this time, the planned release date for Japan is in the 3rd quarter of this year. If all goes well, we can all play through ToV again by 2010!

I wonder how they're going to work her into the story. I kind of hope there will be a complete revamp of the game's script so there will be something new. At the very least, this will be something interesting.

Now, the issue with the red box on the bottom left. That is an announcement for the Tales of Vesperia Anime Movie. That's right, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, also scheduled for a 2009 release, is a prequel to the game. I'm hoping Bandai Entertainment is going to be a good company and license/release it here in America. I'm still holding out the the Symphonia OVA to be licensed here too.

Source: http://www.kombo.com/article.php?artid=12777

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