Thursday, June 18, 2009

スカッとゴルフ パンヤ 「ガチャッとポンタ」

スカッとゴルフ パンヤ 「ガチャッとポンタ」

Just a quick Pangya JP post.

The first half of this update includes waiter outfits for Max, Daisuke, Arin, and Lucia. They all look great, the ears are especially cute.

The second part is a Tuna club set. Hilarious XD Goes right along with the Megurine Arin outfit. I think it's supposed to give a special Pangya graphic when you hit Pangya.

These are all for the Bongdari (Papel) lottery. I don't play Pangya JP because of the foreign IP ban, but those outfits look pretty nice. If I could, I'd go for it.

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