Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pangya update - Season 4 is coming!

GB.R3.435.00 Patch Notes - Welcome To PANGYA!
Season 4 is Coming!

Ntreev's doing a pretty good job at catching up to the other servers, though I'm worried about them catching up too fast.

Well, nonetheless, S4 is coming, which will be awesome. Expecting a new course and a new character. The event offers a chance to get Lucia free too.

The other update is to the "Scratchy Card" lottery system. Personally, I think this could be good and bad. You only get 1 card for every 1000 premium points (about $1 USD) you spend. This means you can't buy a lot of cards at once, but this could also mean that the rate for obtaining the rares are nice and high (that's the hope at least).

The current rares at Elven Ears for Kooh, Wedding Dress for Ceci, and SSAF set for Nuri. What a random set of rares. I don't think it's actually worth winning, and I can't get premium points to spend anyway, so I'll skip it :/ but this is pretty disappointing.

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  1. *yawn*

    atleast put pictures for those of us who don't play pangya ^^;