Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday acknowledged, party was decent :3

So, today I had my birthday party. It was pretty decent. I invited a lot of my friends over. Didn't plan much further than that though ^^; I really should have, but whatever. Thanks to everyone that could make it :)

For my birthday, I received cookies (X3 yummy! they were great), a $20 gift card for Rising Sun (yay! Manga!), a $25 Ntreev cash card (awesome! Pangya!), Mass Effect (decently awesome game), and a cordless headset for my iPod Shuffle! (OMG awesome! Been eying these for a while).

The cookies were finished really fast, but it's all good :3 I haven't had a chance to redeem my gift cards yet, and my computer got a virus somehow, so I need to wait before I install Mass Effect, but at least I can enjoy my shuffle! (I'm actually listening to my iPod with them as I blog).

All of these gifts were surprises, I'm really happy for them. Thanks to everyone.

For cake, my mom ordered a really nice chocolate chocolate with chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin Robins. It had little hershey's kisses on it, which was nice.

Activities included Brawl, Anime (Card Captor Sakura), and talking, lots of talking. At one point everyone kinda split off and did their own thing with eachother, reminded me of a school social event ^^; Everyone seemed content though, so it's all good

Finally got to give Kat-chan her Plush Hello Kitty Ice Cream, and the Hello Kitty Yan Yan snack. :3

So now I'm here. It was a decent day, and I'm so glad I got to see everyone. One person told me: "You only turn 18 once!" and while it may not have been the best celebration, I think it was okay :3 maybe my 19th or big 2-Oh will be better.

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  1. Virus hm? Well thats Windows for ya. What naughty things were you doing? You seem to get a lot of viruses for a "power user". :)