Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back from the 5 day absence that was Comic-Con

JonFawkes Comic-Con 2009

Puwaaaa, I got the chance to go to Comic-con all 4 days plus preview night. What a week.

Day 0: Preview Night
Preview night was alright. It already felt like a normal comic-con day, just a little more crowded than normal. It certainly gave me a preview of how big comic-con was this year compared to last. Normally all of the booths would be half set-up, but this year, everyone was ready for business. I guess it could be counted as the fifth day of comic-con.

Day 1: What do we have here?
Today was mostly exploring and shopping and stuff. I saw a buncha neat stuff, namely at the Kinokuniya booth. Light-saber chopsticks! I hung around with Kat-chan for most of the day, looking at figures and hanging around the J-list booth. Wandered around for a long time, saw a buncha stuff. Kat-chan bought a lot of games, which was cool. I didn't buy anything though.

Day 2: Lunch at Hooters!
Yeah, that's right. Didn't do too much today. The most interesting thing that happened was that I got to eat lunch at Hooters, with Alex, David, and my lovely girlfriend Kat-chan. They've got really good food, though that shouldn't be surprising. We had a good time too. Also watched some SCA fights. That was pretty cool too. I decided to cosplay this day. I went in my Kaz costume (Pangya). I didn't find any Pangya fans, though a few people stopped me to take pictures. It was all cool. Ended the day with the J-list panel with Kat-chan. That was fun.

Day 3: To buy or not to buy
I decided to buy some stuff to day. Decided. I didn't actually have enough to buy anything, but I made up my mind that I was going to buy a Shinai and an awesome indie-game called Suguri. I went to the SCA fights again, decided to participate. I got a blister popped, but it was fun (the fighting, not the blister popping). Went to the Eureka panel with Kat-chan, that was fun. Also, ate lunch with Kat-chan at an awesome seafood resturaunt.

Day 4: The final day
Bought my Shinai and game. Went to lunch at Horton Plaza with Colette, Alex, and David. It was fun. Kat-chan had to leave early, so I didn't get to spend too much time with her. Spent the last hour or so in the Anime room, then came home to now.

Over the 4 days
I spent a good amount of time in the Anime rooms. I saw a few anime that I could potentially buy. Tears to Tiara, Doujin Work, and Familiar of Zero come immediately to mind. I don't remember the other stuff I saw, but I saw plenty. It was cool.
Also, I took pictures with cosplayers (or rather, I took pictures of my friends with cosplayers). There were some damn impressive cosplayers this year.

The spoils

-Dragonica Online Archer Wallscroll (I wanted the Priest one T.T)
-various freebies

The stuff I missed
I didn't see a bunch of my friends. There was an elementary friend that contacted me on dA, but I missed his number because I didn't get online for the duration of comic-con. My bad. Also, some high-school friends were supposed to be there, but I didn't see them either. Oh well, maybe next year. Comic-con isn't exactly the place where you can decided to find someone and find them.

So that was my experience. Hope everyone else had a good time too. Time to crash.

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